Three oaks strip mine texas

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#1 Three oaks strip mine texas

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Three oaks strip mine texas

Like a night terror, the horrible crash and scrape of a ton bucket used to carve coal from the Earth jolts Billie Woods out Three oaks strip mine texas her slumber as Sex offenders records hits the ground. When strip mining began in about a mile from Elfuck teen porn tube home, set in an idyllic scene of rolling pastures and thick clumps of post oaks, Woods said: I'm worried about its effect on my lungs. Coal in Americawhich chronicles the plight of West Virginians defending their countryside against the severe pollution and destruction caused by mountaintop removal, a new norm in coal mining. One speaker asked the crowd how far Austin is from the nearest strip mine. Try less than 25 miles to the east. Just outside Elgin, residents like Woods who live near Luminant's Three Oaks Mine deal with a seldom-mentioned cost of cheap coal-generated energy: Fifty-one percent of U. There are 11 new coal-burning power plants proposed for Texas alone, adding to the 36 already operating. Discussions of coal tend to focus either on controlling emissions or on purported energy security benefits while overlooking the direct impacts of mining. The Appalachians have historically borne the brunt of U. But there are 14 active strip mines in Texas, all producing lignite, a low-grade coal that emits nearly twice the greenhouse gases, smog, and mercury pollution of higher density coals. Despite the increasingly urgent need to halt climate change as well as clean up the air, why are we still Three oaks strip mine texas and burning Texas lignite? Luminant owns the Three Oaks Three oaks strip mine texas and eight other mines in Texas, as well as nine coal power plants and three more under construction. Meeting Texas' energy needs "will require a diversified energy portfolio...

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Luminant is a Texas -based electric utility. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Energy Future Holdings Corporation. Luminant's operations include electricity generation and wholesaling, mining , construction, and development. The company has capacity for the generation of 18, megawatts MW of electricity in 20 power plants spread across Texas, of which 2, MW come from nuclear power generated at the company's Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant , 5, MW from coal-fired power plants , and the remainder from natural gas -fired plants. Luminant is also a major purchaser of wind power. Luminant also owns and operates three of the five largest coal mines by production in Texas: The Beckville Mine was mined out in the fall of and the three drag lines were moved to other mines. The Oak Hill Mine will cease operation in December In December , 77 miners were laid-off due to the closures. The company extracted over fourteen million short tons of coal from those three mines in In February a Waco-based federal judge denied a motion filed by Luminant seeking dismissal of an air pollution lawsuit brought by the Sierra Club. The lawsuit involves excess levels of particulate matter at two Texas power plants owned by Luminant. The suit is based on information filed by Luminant with state environmental regulators which revealed thousands of violations of clean air standards. In August Luminant was sued by the Environment Protection Agency over air-pollution standards at two Texas plants. The suit alleges that Luminant made unauthorized changes to the two coal-fired plants. The doctor's group wants Luminant to lower emissions from the three plants. They say that doing so will lower cases of asthma, chronic lung disease, heart attacks and premature death contributed to by coal emissions. Luminant current has a new parent company called...

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The Magazine of Economic Justice available at http: The mine will provide coal to Alcoa's massive facility near the town of Rockdale: In addition to the lignite, Alcoa intends to remove groundwater from the new mine as well as from its existing mine at Sandow, near Rockdale and ship it to the city of San Antonio, more than miles away. In a company report celebrating the Rockdale smelter's first 50 years, manager Geoff Cromer thanks the facility's neighbors for "the strong support we have received from the community"—but that's less than half the story. The "several hundred people" who "took time from their jobs" to attend numerous public hearings and "provide comment in support of Alcoa and this project" were far outnumbered by those who struggled against it for four years. The protesters are an unlikely bunch—mostly cattle ranchers and suburban commuters, a population that has lived in the shadow of the Rockdale facility for decades without complaint. But when the company decided to expand its profit-making repertoire by selling the area's groundwater to a distant city, Alcoa's neighbors rebelled. In their effort to block the new mine and stop the water deal, they also dug up the dirt on Alcoa's plus years of evading the Texas Clean Air Act at Rockdale. In spite of the protests, mining at Three Oaks is slated to begin in September; at the same time, though, Alcoa will have to announce how it will finally comply with clean air regulations. East of Austin the austere limestone hills over the Edwards aquifer give way to gently rolling scrubland—a patchwork of both bedroom communities of former ranchers and the oak, cedar, and tall grass-studded ranches of those who have yet to yield to the economic imperative of the commute. In the s the city of San...

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See here for help on adding material to CoalSwarm. Sandow Station was a coal-fired power station near Rockdale, Texas. Units were owned by Alcoa and units by Luminant of Vistra Energy. Units were retired by Alcoa under consent decree in Units of the coal power plant was commissioned by Alcoa in to power its nearby aluminium smelting facility. On April 9, the U. Department of Justice and the U. EPA announced a settlement agreement with Alcoa Inc. The settlement resolved allegations filed in federal court by the EPA and its co-plaintiffs, Neighbors for Neighbors, Inc. That's a victory for everyone. The plant generates electricity for two aluminum smelters and a strip-mining operation that supplies lignite coal for the power plant. The aluminum at the plant is used for truck wheels, cans, die-casts, machinery, components for telecommunication devices and appliances. Unit 4 with nameplate capacity of MW was commissioned in It is owned by Dallas-based Luminant and is located on-site of the smelting plant to provide power for it. In , Alcoa and Luminant fought over the operation of Sandow 4 and pricing issues. In September Alcoa said it will continue to pay its cost of generation from Sandow Unit 4 and will attempt to recover that cost by marketing the power in the Texas energy market. Sandow 5 is a MW unit that uses circulating fluidized bed technology and burns Texas lignite coal. Luminant bought rights to build Sandow 5 and the accompanying permit from Alcoa in S District Judge Sam Sparks. Construction was permitted in March , when the U. District Court approved a stipulated resolution of the consent decree for the plant. In July , Luminant announced that the Sandow 5 unit would not go into full operation before September. Although the unit was synchronized...

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Three oaks strip mine texas

Alcoa's Dirty Dealing in Central Texas

3.l).” The document goes on to note that “ the burning of lignite may make of the proposed Three Oaks strip mine include a strong focus on Texas Utilities'. Strip mining in Texas has the potential to generate acidic waters .. period of Three Oaks Mine activity (red bar in Figure 7), water quality data has not been. Sep 27, - The Westmoreland Coal Co. said it will cut about Texas jobs when it coal mines than Jewett in Texas are the Kosse Strip and Three Oaks.

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