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#1 Loving female autority

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Loving female autority

When men speak of loving female authority often they gloat over images of a woman who is like a strict auyority. They Loving female autority becoming her compleat slave who is Lily paige in porn used. When you think of loving female authority do you imagine being given gentle guidance by your lover or spouse or is images of dominatrices that come to mind? And if you feel that you need her authority over your life do you know why? Is it your limitations or your erotic need? Meet ' s Mistresses. Loving female autority is a very good question. I think it would be quite difficult to be in a long term relationship with the stereotype dominatrix. I imagine lovingly taking her coat off when she gets Brittany daniel nude pic from work, bringing her tea, breakfast in bed. Mule and I have a very loving relationship. It is based on mutual trust and respect that comes from open and honest communications. Mule is not a dominatrix, however, she has no problem taking charge and running with any problem. This was a trait that attracted me to women even as a teen. Mule is not dominating, but she does accept Loving female autority submission. I love doing things for her, because I Lovint her. I have told Mrs. Mule all my Loving female autority. She understands what I like Loving female autority those things with which she is comfortable, she will do for me because, she loves me too. She knows that I have written kinky stories. She knows I know kinky people and has even met some of them herself. And she approves autortiy if she does not participate herself. All I can say is that to be able to autoirty someone so much that you...

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POV tags were removed from this article, and the section specifically pointed to remains more or less unchanged. However no comments about the the tags were put on this page. This was because the person who put them in believed them to be self explanatory see Wikipedia: I still do not think that the article conforms to a neutral point of view. In my opinion the article contains weasel terms , peacock terms and vanity. For example in the section "Female-Led Relationships" user Paigeharrison starts by describing the author Paige Harrison rather then the term to be defined. Yes I also agree. POV is a problem here. I may try to take this up as a member of the taskforce. Should I attempt to correct grammer and POV? If not please post here or at my user page. Still, I think this article uses blanket assumptions regarding the facts that these types of relationships are so common, and that there is a negative backlash against them. I feel this is not the case. I feel wikipedia leans to the left more often than not, and this view is evident in the presuppositions of many articles, LFA included. Interesting any other veiws I may take this up as a member of the clean-up taskforce. Yes or No on this Idea. I will make up my mind on December Eagle talk desk I Paige Harrison will be happy to enter into a dialogue with anyone about improving this stub. I am also happy to chat by telephone about my thought concerning the Female-Led lifestyle. I believe it is highly relevant approach as a lifestyle choice for both men and women to become aware of. The lifestyle is intentional and has many offshoots that are applicable to both married and single...

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Login or Sign Up. What is loving female authority? September 20th, , My question is what is 'loving female authority' and also in detail what is a 'female led relationship'? I know that a female led relationship is when the female is in charge but what does it entail? These two things interest me somewhat I wasn't sure which section to put this in so sorry if it is in the wrong area tell me if I shoudl post in another section. I think post-feminism these relationships are the norm because the women are now more assertive than ever and men are more socialized to be less agressive and respect women as peers. Basically if the guy is a wuss like me that lives in fear of losing his woman and does everything he can think of to make or keep her happy. That's a female-led relationship. Regardless of whether it is upsetting him on the inside and slowly driving him crazy. When a woman is in control most or all of the time, she doesn't necessarily have to use it for aggression, violence, or humiliation. Some like that too, but I think it's more common that a woman in charge will use it mostly for good not evil. Oh, well a 'female led relationship' doesnt seem to nice, but loving female authority seems better. What does loving female authority entail? I mean, how would the dynamic work in a relationship? September 25th, , Hmmm, when I see this topic, what comes into mind is like when a guy is dating his boss or something of the like. That's got to be some serious dynamics going. Typically, what comes into mind, the guy is tempted to get cocky at work, thinking he probably gets by with almost anything....

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It has some sex stuff in it — but not what you are thinking! A female-led relationship , also known as wife-led marriage or loving female authority by its advocates, is where the woman is the married head of the household and makes all the decisions. It is not a thing of whips and chains and leather though sometimes it does become that! She makes all the decisions — about money, sex, housework, everything. She might ask her husband for his opinion, but she has the last word. He does not fight about it or disobey her. She does not nag, she does not play games to push his buttons — because she does not have to: Some say it goes against nature or against the Bible. It certainly goes against the male pride of most men. But some secretly want it. They want her to know she is in charge and act like it. It turns them on. The man winds up doing most of the housework. Because she can just tell him to do it and he does it. For example, if she wants to go out with her friends while he works on the laundry, she just says it: Her needs come first. His come second — if he has been good. Some say a man is easiest to control if he comes only once a month. There are debates about this on the Internet as it is a key number in these relationships. It is hard for the man, but it makes sex way less boring for him. Thanks to commenter BCR for linking to her blog where I found out about this. I did not even conceive that such a thing was possible. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications...

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Loving female autority

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