Hiv aids and disability

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#1 Hiv aids and disability

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Hiv aids and disability

Explore this page to find out more about why people with disabilities are at risk of HIVrisability HIV Hiv aids and disability cause disabilitymaking HIV services disxbility to people Class a uniform used army disabilities and involving people with disabilities in HIV programming. Four out of five people with disabilities live in low- and middle-income countries. Such impairments, conditions or illnesses may be permanent or transitory in nature. Issues relating to disability have moved aidz the global development agenda in the last decade. Inthe UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which as 0f October has been ratified by countries, stated that people with disabilities should be included in all global One handed porn and health initiatives. The Sustainable Development Goals also include people with disabilities within several targets. Although HIV-related data on people with disabilities is extremely limited, growing evidence suggests disabled people are more likely to experience factors that put them at higher risk of HIV infection than people who are Hivv disabled. Hiv aids and disability addition, there is a misconception that people with disabilities are sexually inactive or unlikely Hiv aids and disability use drugs or alcohol, which disabiliy they have been left disabilitty of HIV programming. Conversely, HIV and disability are linked as people can develop disabilities as a disabiliyy of the progression of HIV or due to the side-effects of antiretroviral treatment ART. People with disabilities are often overlooked in HIV prevention, testing and treatment programming and sexual and reproductive health and rights SRHR services and face increased barriers to accessing services. People with disabilities experience all of the risk factors associated with acquiring HIV. They are often at an increased risk because of poverty, face severely limited access to education and healthcare, and lack the information and resources needed...

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Individuals with disabilities are often assumed to be at lower risk, and thus face lower of HIV infection rates, than their non-disabled peers. They are believed to be asexual, less likely to use drugs or alcohol, and at a lower risk of violence or sexual assault than the general population. But a growing body of research shows that these assumptions are wrong-the HIV infection rate among people with disabilities is up to three times as high as people without disabilities. According to the United Nations, at least one in every ten people million individuals-live with a disability significant enough to make a difference in their daily lives. People with disabilities face a wide range of human rights abuses that increase their risk of HIV. Individuals with disabilities are up to three times more likely to be victims of physical abuse, sexual abuse, and rape. In many countries, individuals with disabilities have little or no access to police, legal counsel, and courts for protection. Individuals with disabilities who are victims of rape or sexual assault often have less access to medical interventions, including psychosocial counseling and prophylactic care, than their non-disabled peers. Children with disabilities are often shut out of education, including on sexual health. They are often considered a distraction in schools, or incapable of learning. In many parts of the world, children are barred from school because schools are physically inaccessible. The World Bank estimates that as many as 97 percent of all individuals with disabilities - and 99 percent of women with disabilities are illiterate. It is commonly assumed that individuals with disabilities are not sexually active. But research shows that they are as likely to be as sexually active as their non-disabled peers. Homosexuality and bisexuality occur at the same rate among people with disabilities as among...

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The review presents data from different surveys and summarizes the findings. In this way, it convincingly reveals that people with disabilities are very vulnerable to contracting HIV, and lack access to information, testing and treatment. The review further reveals gaps in the research and areas of concern. While vulnerability and accessibility have been investigated, there are few prevalence studies or evaluations available. A certain amount of work has focused on the deaf population, but little has been done for other disability groups. A growing area of concern is sexual abuse and exploitation of people with disabilities. Only a few studies or interventions focus on this crucial area. The year was a special one. Yet there are still many complaints about the paucity or lack of research [ 1 - 3 ]. It is, however, incorrect to say that there is no research available. Because research is scattered, there is a need to consolidate the available literature in a systematic way. There is a tremendous need for knowledge distribution on the topic as advocates often need "hard data" to convince health officials of the need to act on disability issues; the latter is particularly true for Africa. It attempts to describe the state of empirical research in Africa and systematically brings together all the available literature. The presented review differs from others in the sense that it looks at the whole of Africa, is systematic and therefore includes more studies than previous reports. It is predominantly descriptive. The review focuses on papers related to people with disabilities and their vulnerability to HIV. It aims to bring together scientific papers on the topic, describe the content, summarize it, and identify gaps for further research. Disability was defined in accordance with the World Health Organization WHO definition as "a complex phenomenon that manifests...

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Hiv aids and disability

Symptoms and Treatment of HIV

HIV or AIDS in the definition of disability. However, States are required to recognize that where persons living with HIV (asymptomatic or symptomatic) have. Although AIDS researchers have studied the disabling effects of HIV/AIDS on previously healthy people, little attention has been given to the risk of HIV/AIDS for individuals who have a physical, sensory, intellectual, or mental health disability before becoming infected. Disabil Rehabil. Mar 15;29(5) HIV/AIDS and disability: differences in HIV/AIDS knowledge between deaf and hearing people in Nigeria.

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