Enola gay omd remix

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#1 Enola gay omd remix

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Enola gay omd remix

Typical of early OMD compositions, the track does not feature a vocal chorus[7] and is recognisable by its strong, [8] distinctive [9] lead synthesizer hook and ambiguous lyrical content. Collister did, however, believe it was a surefire hit — a view that drummer Malcolm Holmes did not share. Initially proud of the song, McCluskey's confidence wavered: The song is named after the Enola Gaythe USAAF B Superfortress Tight phat pussy that carried Enolz Boythe first atomic bomb to be used in an act of war, dropped Enola gay omd remix the Japanese city of Hiroshima on 6 Augustremox more thanof its citizens. The name of the bomber itself was chosen by Enola gay omd remix pilot, Colonel Paul Tibbetswho named it after his mother, Enola Gay Tibbets —who had been named after the heroine of the novel Enola; or, Her fatal mistake. The lyrics to the song reflect on the decision to use Mature series gallery bomb and ask the listener to consider whether the bombings were necessary "It shouldn't ever have to end this way". The phrase, "It's 8: The song was also released during controversy surrounding Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher 's decision to allow US nuclear missiles to be stationed in Britain. McCluskey stated that he "wasn't really politically motivated to write the song", which was informed by a fascination with World War II bombers. He hoped the track "conveyed an ambivalence about whether it was the right or the wrong thing to do". Despite Enola gay omd remix dark subject matter, the single was released at a time of passionate anti-nuclear feeling, and became a sleeper hit. It topped the Bulge over hip in Italy and in Spain. The song was selected by Danny Boyle for use during the opening ceremony of the Summer...

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Enola gay omd remix

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Promo video for the single released from the compilation album "The OMD Singles.". FANTASTIC! 12" Cover version of OMD's Enola Gay. Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - Enola gay (Remix Dance)!

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