Causes of watery semen male sperm

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#1 Causes of watery semen male sperm

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Causes of watery semen male sperm

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O beta IK, the consistency and volume of semen has nothing to do with masturbation. And neither is it any indication of fertility or infertility betaji. You see, semen has many components and sperm is one of them. Every time you ejaculate, millions of sperm leave your body. Now that happens only when all other factors — yours and hers — are ok. It has little to do with how the semen feels and looks. So please stop blaming masturbation for all your life-long problems, Tsunami included! So what causes watery semen? It could be your food intake, could be too much ejaculation , too much heat for the gonads — testicles, I mean — and it could all be very temporary. So please stop the self-diagnosis and quit worrying about the future doomsday scenario of not being able to father a child. It could also be some illness. If it continues for long, get a doctor to investigate. It could be something called retrograde ejaculation in which you are just not ejaculating or ejaculating very little. Again, not because you engaged in the national pastime in past times! Waise , why are you guys watching semen so closely? It really is no indicator of your fertility , you know. Also men seem to think thicker is better. A rre baba, all we need are sperms, and if they are the healthy little swimmers they need to be, then why worry? Now there are somethings you need to watch out for in your ejaculate. Some warning signs — odd odours, odd colours, bloodiness and, as I said before, no ejaculation at all V arna toh sab theek hai beta. Usually these fears are expressed by women — that they have to prove something to society, that the pressure of being...

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Male infertility is the inability of a man to successfully fertilize a woman's egg. Male infertility can be caused by any number of factors, including low sperm motility, abnormal sperm shape, varicocele, and oligospermia low sperm count. Find out about male factor infertility and treatment options, as well as how to locate a fertility specialist in your area. Male factor infertility refers to the failure of a couple to achieve conception due to problems specifically related to the man's sperm, seminal fluid, or reproductive organs. There are several conditions that contribute to male factor infertility. Abnormal semen is a form of male infertility that presents itself in a variety of ways. When there are problems with the semen, the sperm might be prevented from achieving fertilization. A basic examination and semen evaluation are necessary to determine conclusively whether there is a semen abnormality; however, some of the most common symptoms of this disorder include:. Some of the causes of abnormal semen, such as STDs, infection, retrograde ejaculation, and the ability of the ejaculate to clot properly, can significantly affect male fertility. If you have experienced any of these symptoms, you might have a serious infection leading to male infertility. It is important to talk with your physician or fertility specialist about the causes of and treatment options for abnormal semen. Male factor infertility can be caused by abnormalities in the shape and size of the sperm. As with low sperm count, at least two-thirds of the sperm in the ejaculate must be of an adequate shape and size in order to be considered normal. Male infertility can result when the sperm's shape prevents it from having normal mobility or strength to penetrate the ovum. In fact, some specialists believe that abnormal sperm shape has an even greater effect on male...

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We don't support your browser. Please upgrade your browser or download modern browsers from here! Shared 3 years ago. Semen is Watery - Is it OK? Most men worry a lot about whether the semen is thin or thick. Interestingly, there is no research to back the idea that the thickness or thinness of semen has something to do with fertility or anything. The standard mean ejaculate volume for testing is 3. It means that even a teaspoon of semen is normal in most cases. It is important to understand that you may notice a substance coming out of your penis when you're sexually excited — it's right at the tip of your penis. This is not semen — it's pre-ejaculate or precum produced by the Cowper's gland. The fluid provides lubrication during sexual intercourse. Many people take it as watery semen, but it doesn't always contain sperm. Which factors influence the consistency of semen? What you eat will also have an impact on the consistency of semen. It means that you will notice watery semen if your diet doesn't contain enough protein or lacks other important nutrients. Protein will help make your semen thick. Moreover, you may notice a change in the thickness of your semen if you ejaculate often. It usually takes a few months for sperms to mature in the testicles, which means that your testicles will not have enough sperms if you masturbate and ejaculate several times each day. The lack of sperm in this case may lead to watery semen. Although it is not always true, a low sperm count may also be the reason behind your watery semen. You need to understand though that several factors can have an impact on your sperm count. If your testicles are being exposed to high temperatures, it...

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Learn something new every day More Info In some instances, watery semen may be a normal occurrence. For instance, pre-ejaculate is often clear and watery. Some studies indicate that a man's diet may also effect the consistency of his semen, and frequent ejaculation can also result in watery semen. Men with low sperm counts may also have semen that is thinner than normal. Semen consists of a few components. Sperm makes up only a small percentage of semen, and it is produced in the testicles. Roughly half of semen is made up of a fluid produced in the seminal vesicles. This fluid is very high in fructose , which provides energy for the sperm to swim. The prostate and bulbourethral glands also produce fluids that make up the rest of the sperm. A substance known as pre-ejaculate is produced by the bulbourethral glands, or Cowper's glands prior to ejaculation. This fluid is used for lubrication during sexual intercourse and ejaculation, and it can often be seen on the tip of a man's penis when he is sexually aroused. Although this substance alone does not contain sperm and is not actually semen, it can resemble watery semen. Diet may also affect, among other things, the consistency of semen. A man may have watery semen if he does not get the proper amount of certain essential nutrients. Protein, for instance, is believed to help make semen thicker. A man who does not get enough protein in his diet may have watery semen. The consistency of semen is also often affected by how often a man ejaculates. Generally, sperm takes a few months to mature in the testicles. If a man ejaculates several times each day, such as with frequent masturbation or intercourse, his testicles will usually not be able to produce enough...

Causes of watery semen male sperm


Sep 6, - Low semen volume has several causes, including: Blockages in a seminal vesicle or ejaculatory duct, sometimes due to a varicocele (varicose vein), or cyst. Retrograde ejaculation, a condition in which part or all of the semen flows backwards into the bladder. Certain infections. Hormonal abnormalities. However, there are a few other causes for this clear, watery and thin semen: In this case, your testicles can't regenerate enough sperms in short time after the. Most men worry a lot about whether the semen is thin or thick. it is not always true, a low sperm count may also be the reason behind your watery semen.

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